About Our Competition

I am very glad that you came to this page to investigate LTTR and our competitors. Maybe you were curious to see what I might say, and how dramatic it might be. Either way enjoy reading further.

What I am going to explain about LTTR's competition is very important to you as our prospect. This below, should finalize your decision in picking LTTR or someone/another agency very similar in business model.

You, our Prospective client...do not run a website development business...Pause and think...You, don't build websites for a living. Therefore, you do not have a steady 5-20++ new domains (websites) under your control going live every month. For that reason, you can not generate 5-20++ new Linking Root Domains, OR domain wide links of 50-200+(pages) TIMES 5-20++(sites) (250-4000 links). Re-read this paragraph and continue to explanation.

If you have found us via a google search for something like "SEO Raleigh" etc. or by any other means, understand that LTTR owns 2 spaces for that term (and others like it) in the top 10. Usually a spot 1st thru 3rd, and a second 4th thru 6th. We are the only agency to have two listings.

We have been in business for ~10 years. LTTR started as a Marketing company, not a website development business. We really started that dev. offering in about the last 3 years and are not high volume like other competitors. If your asking "Noah, what are you getting at?" I will sum it up now.

I (LTTR) like You, have not built my Organic rankings on links created by my company in the process of building websites. All of our competitors have. They have built their Organic rankings on putting links & site wide links on their clients websites. Re-read and continue.

Therefore, this fact should be a "YUGE" logical piece of data to keep in mind in your consideration process. I (LTTR) can do the same for You. Our competitors have not, so can they really for You?