Start Thinking About Customer Experience On Your Website

Nowadays, websites are usually the main source of information for potential customers to learn about a product. When you have a great website, it helps set the foundation for future online and in-person sales.

Look to the Right (LTTR) can help improve the chances your visitors turn into clients and customers through conversion rate optimization (CRO). CRO uses a variety of methods to entice customers into a desired action. 

If you want to continue to grow, you need to start thinking about the customer experience on your website. LTTR can help you give your customers a better overall experience with our internet marketing, CRO, and SEO services.

With so much competition on the web, a good strategy involves staying two steps ahead and being detail-oriented. Attend to your customers in the best way possible by staying on top of their wants and needs. 

Research proves that customers today are looking for a smarter online experience.  They don’t want to call your customer service line, but rather have their questions answered right on your site. While FAQ pages can be a good resource, it takes more than that to keep them interested and satisfied. 

How To Create A Good Customer Experience Strategy 

man holding tablet that says rate your experience

Once you start thinking about customer experience on your website, LTTR can help you develop a good strategy that will help turn visitors into happy customers. 

The best strategies come from understanding who those customers/clients/patients are and what they are looking to get from you. Customer and employee feedback is a great way to gain this understanding. LTTR offers reputation monitoring and management services that can help you stay better connected to your customers. We can help train you or your staff to become better at responding to both positive and negative reviews. This can improve your ratings and encourage more positive customer feedback.

It is important to invest in improving your technology and business processes. Though automating helps a lot, you must be careful never to lose you personal touch. LTTR can help streamline business processes on your website, while still allowing your business’ personality to shine. 

Identify the personality of your brand: 

Identifying the personality of your brand is important to help build customer loyalty and brand awareness. When coupled with solid marketing strategies, you can start seeing more visitors and higher conversion rates. Identifying the personality of your brand takes some research and creativity. Ask yourself questions about your business, such as what makes it special and what you want your customers to think of you. 

By answering these questions, and putting thought into finding a unifying theme to describe the products or services you sell, you’ll be able to figure out what makes your business special. This helps you better communicate your ideals and makes it easier for customers to identify with the brand. 

When you have a strong brand identity you increase your chances of running a successful marketing campaign. LTTR can help you develop your brand identity and create a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign to go along with it. We are a certified Google partner and know what it takes to stand out in a crowded market. 

Pay attention to load times: 

A slow loading site can result in catastrophic results for your revenue. With so much focus on immediacy, impressing your customers only takes a few seconds and even a small delay can cause users to abandon your website or shopping cart in a heartbeat! 

 According to statistics collected by top web marketing experts, 47% of customers expect websites to load in less than 2 seconds and around 40% of them will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. 

LTTR has an expert team of web developers that can build or rebuild your website for maximum speed and efficiency. We can help speed up your load times through a series of techniques, such as reducing the number of HTTP requests that your site makes. We can also help you optimize your site with our technical SEO. This helps reduce load time and can improve your ranking on search engines.

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Focus on great design:

Content and design may be the most important things when creating a successful website. LTTR has an expert team of content writers, graphic designers, and web designers who can give your site a look that will wow your customers.

When you start thinking about customer experience on your website, you must provide an attractive and functional design that keeps users latched on to your site. According to Adobe, 38% of people will leave your site if the layout is unattractive. 

Woman pushing a glass button for testing UX parameters. User experience concept

We can help you create a layout that is easy to load, has a modern and sleek look, and includes elements meant to enhance the customer’s experience when navigating through your site. 

A great website design should provide a good frame for the content and encourage people to shop and compare your products and services. We can help you do this while making your site’s navigation comfortable and easy. 

Keeping a smooth and simple design with lots of categories and proper organization, will make it easier for consumers to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

Create high quality, long-form content:

The best thing about long form content is that it provides users with more information, which in turn, translates into higher value. Great quality content answers all of your customers’ questions and gives them reasons to trust you and acquire your products. LTTR can create content that will be one of your greatest allies when it comes to providing a great customer experience on your website. 

We can create “How-to” tutorials, white papers, product guidebooks or comparison guides, and anything that comes to mind that might keep customers interested and make them ready to buy.

We don’t just focus on text. We can add extra resources, such as video, images, audio files, and infographics to make your site more interactive and interesting to visitors. Long form content gives you a chance to add a higher number of backlinks, which help you look better in the eyes of search engine rankings. 

Tell your customers exactly how your product or service can make a difference in their lives and see how this translates into more shares, more visibility, and of course, more sales!

With great content that is interesting and valuable, not only will users find you more trustworthy, but Google may also reward you with a better ranking by regarding you as an authority in your field. 

When you start thinking about customer experience on your website, you’ll find yourself one step ahead of most of your competitors. Success is not just a matter of selling great products and offering a good after-sales service, but also providing a great online experience. This will ensure your customers will want to return to your site and recommend it to others. 

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If you want to improve the customer experience on your website, contact LTTR today. We have the knowledge and expertise to help increase conversions and keep your customers coming back. Our professional team is highly trained in all areas of internet marketing and SEO. Feel free to ask us any questions on how to improve your customers’ experience.

Time On Page: Why It Is So Valuable For Your Content Strategy

There are two types of content created online. Viral type/hopeful content aims purely at increased visibility, but not necessarily brand awareness, through social media engagement. The second type of content that is thoroughly thought through, which aims at solving a problem or answering a question.

When focusing on viral content, the time someone spends on your site may not be as relevant as social media shares. However, if your content strategy is focused on business value, then time on page is valuable when measuring how much of the content you’re producing is of interest to your readers.

Ultimately, content marketing is a constant balancing act between what brings the most audience and how much of that audience actually results in quality leads. Time on page reflects the quality of your content strategy by measuring how valuable your content is to readers, whether it solves their problems or simply sends them off to someone else who does.

Time spent on site and its correlation to SEO rankings

Whenever someone comes into your webpage and finds what they were looking for, generally results in increased time spent on site and greater user engagement. This can positively affect your SEO rankings since search engines have indicators as to your website being one that provides value to content consumers.

Time on page reflects the actual engagement users have with your content so in order to increase it, you need to focus on the same aspects that are part of your content optimization process that makes for a valuable content strategy.

Quality copywriting:

You generally always want to give your readers a reason to stay on your site. Content writing for digital media requires it to be brief and to the point in order to deliver a clear message through your unique voice. If your readers are engaged in your writing, they’re more eager to continue browsing your site to discover what they’re looking for.


Each type of content brings different ‘readability ratings’. For example, a scientific article will have a lesser ‘readability rating’ than an entertainment one. While both could receive equal engagement, the time on page for each will most likely vary.

Content length:

Just like readability ratings, the length of your content will depend on your target audience and how much are they willing to read. If your post is too long and too complicated for them, your time on site may be affected.

Well picked, semantic keywords:

Appropriate related keywords make it easier for users to find and read your content online. Semantic keywords are words that are all a related search term. Knowing how to use them makes it easier to create unique, engaging content that is not overstuffed with the same words, therefore increasing the quality of the reader’s experience.


The quality of your images is always important when it comes to publishing content. You want them to be the best looking available since this affects user experience and time on page. An article or page with bad images will likely result in a higher bounce rate because it gives your content a bad look.

Time on page is valuable for your content strategy because it helps you measure your real user engagement and the real interest your content is producing.

If your focus is on business value, your content strategy should be proportionally directed towards increasing your reader’s time on page, which in turn may give your SEO rankings a boost and importantly convert into more quality leads.


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Long Tail Keywords For Dummies

Most SEO articles and tips focus solely on “keywords”. However, we will focus on long tail keywords which actually may have more opportunity to attract your target audience at a low cost.

Long tail keywords are generally comprised of three or more words in order to make the search much more specific. Even though short term keywords make for larger search volumes, much of their search results get taken away by large websites of the niche. Long tail keywords lead to more specific searches, which means that those who encounter your content through a long tail search will be truly interested in what your website is offering specifically to them.

For example, if your website specializes in selling music instruments in Raleigh, North Carolina, using the short term keyword “electric guitar” won’t be enough because typing those words into Google will generate thousands of results, of which the first few pages may be full of top niche and big established retailer websites.

Someone actually looking to buy an electric guitar may not just type in that short keyword. Wanting to be more specific, this person may use terms such as “electric guitar with flames in raleigh nc”. Right there at the top of those search results is where you want your website to be.

When it comes to long tail keywords, it’s all about quality over quantity.

Why You Should Focus On Long Term Keywords

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a wider list of benefits to using long term keywords.

  • Get higher rankings on search engines. Since the top websites for your niche may get the first spots of searches, you need to get more specific and target those in the less searched terms category. You will face less competition by not having to fight with more established/big box retailer websites. Using long tail keywords strategically allows you to aim for higher rankings in a shorter period of time while attracting and building the audience you’re aiming for.
  • Get better SEO benefits. Long tail keywords help search engines recommend your content to the right audience.
  • Improve CRO for your e-commerce. Long tail keywords are a great strategy for e-commerce websites to improve their conversion rates. Like the example we made earlier, people who search for “electric guitar with flames in raleigh nc” may be much more likely to make a purchase than those simply searching for “electric guitars”.
  • Long tail keywords are easier to include naturally into your content which makes it look less like you’re trying to sell something and more like you’re actually handing out useful information to your audience.

How To Use Long Tail Keywords:

The first thing you want to do is find the right long term keywords for you. This process consists of in depth keyword research over long periods of time. There are many paid & free tools in the SEO world, some from Google and other sources.

Once you have your long tail keywords, you can start creating content and including them in your existing content, starting with your URL and page/post titles. They can also be included in your paragraph leadings, body, as well as any internal links to your own related content and external links. You can even include them in images and meta descriptions!

Finally, don’t forget to track your long tail keywords performance so you can be certain you’re on the right track and are getting the most benefit out of your efforts.

What are backlinks? Link Referral 101

In the Search Engine Optimization world, backlinks are your websites referrals: proof others vouch for your content and its quality. The more links appear on other sites quoting something from yours, the more value your website or page will have to users, Google and other search engines.

Quality vs. Quantity

As it tends to happen with SEO, quantity means little next to quality. When determining the value of a website to a searcher and how much visibility it should have, search engines take into consideration both factors. However, followed backlinks from trustworthy, high authority sites will always be considered much more valuable than those coming from low authority and potentially spammy sites.

In fact, although followed links are definitely something to aim for – it doesn’t mean that no-follow links aren’t valuable. Just the mention of your site on a high quality website is good enough to give your business a thumbs up in the eyes of users and search engines.

Where to start? Competitive Backlink Research

The reason why you create (or should strive to) great content for your site is making it interesting enough so that people will want to use and share it. The more they share your webpage by linking to it, the more visitors will want to come in. So, backlinks from sites with content related to yours will always be much more valuable than those coming from any random corner of the web.

So, when it comes to link building, the first thing to do may be a little something called competitive backlink research, which basically means digging into your competitor’s backlink profile (the list of pages and domains linking to a website) in order to gain insight about the link building that may have helped them rank well for your target keywords, so you can now target these domains as well on your own campaigns.

Remember, Quality Over Quantity: How to Attract Valuable Backlinks

Now that you know who to target when it comes to generating backlinks, you can add up to the great results by making sure your site is regularly updated with great quality content, repairing any broken links on it and establishing a presence on social media that continuously links to your website.

While looking at your competitor’s backlink profile, use the domains that show up as a leverage and make sure your site’s being noticed by them through the making of quality comments on their posts, asking to be added to their specific directories related to your niche or geographic area and guest posting.

Remember, Google works hard to penalize and stop the effects of sketchy plans such as buying, trading backlinks or abuse them in any way – “link farms” anyone? – so stay away from these sorts of strategies and focus on generating quality links by creating great content and promotion within your site’s area of interest.

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Why Have Websites Gotten So Expensive?

When it comes to building websites, not all websites are created the same. Sure, there are plenty of templates, automated software and free website builders available, but just, which offer a one-size-fits-all approach. However, this doesn’t mean that it is necessarily the right fit for your business.

Having a custom website sets you apart from your competition, appeals to your target audience, and puts you in the driver’s seat to create a unique way to engage your target demographic.


Differences Between Good vs. Bad Websites

Think it’s hard to tell between a good and a bad website? Think again. Below are some key differences.


  • Take too long to load
  • Are difficult to navigate
  • Lack the language to connect to their end user
  • Make it difficult to find important information
  • Aren’t mobile friendly
  • Don’t show up in the top search results
  • Are not secure




The Need for Speed

Today, technology is at our fingertips, literally. With the touch of a button – a single tap on your mobile device, you can shop, search for information, make a phone call, or enter into a business transaction – all in a matter of seconds.

Information is available FAST. Therefore, it only makes sense that your website needs to be just as fast, if not faster, to keep pace with people’s search habits. More speed means less patience when websites take longer to load.

The need for speed also means crafting content and creating a layout that appeals to your target audience.


Raising the Bar on Quality Website Development

Building a better website begins with building a better team to help you craft a website that is as unique as your business.

When considering why websites today are more expensive, consider the fact that we now have more infrastructure, more data centers, security concerns and persistent cyber threats.

Also factoring into website cost is the cost to pay an expert to manage it. With today’s sweeping cyber landscape that’s constantly shifting and changing, you want a team who is knowledgeable and always up to speed on the latest developments. You want to hire professionals who are skilled and trained in being able to backup your website – who can get you back online quickly in the event that something goes wrong.

These are all things that most people take for granted when considering a website and what it may cost to run it. Sure, you can save money and manage it yourself, but if you’re trying to run a successful business, it is worth it to surround yourself with people who live in that web world and can help your business thrive in the online space.


Quality Website Development from LTTR

At LTTR, we set the bar high when it comes to website development. We only hire the best and brightest team to build your website. From quality web development and graphic design to skilled, knowledgeable content writers to project managers, eCommerce experts and more – we take care of all the custom details that you’re your website stand out from your competition.

Find out more about the website development services we offer by giving us a call or filling out our online form today.


Bitclave: Changing the Face of SEO?

To date, Bitclave has raised upwards of $25 million (USD equivalent at time of posting).


What is Bitclave?

BitClave  is focused on creating the next generation of decentralized search powered by taking advantage of the privacy and security of Bitcoin technology.


What is Bitcoin Technology?

The blockchain network is a type of online distributed ledger that embeds contracts and transactions in digital code.

A self-auditing ecosystem, the blockchain network reconciles every transaction that happens in ten-minute intervals. Each group of these transactions is referred to as a “block”.


Why Blockchain Technology is Valuable

The blockchain network is incredibly valuable for two main reasons:

  1. Data is transparent and embedded within the network and is public.
  2. Data cannot be corrupted.

Learn more about blockchain-based digital advertising with LTTR. 

Unlike more traditional forms of search engine optimization and paid search, which requires you to pay sometimes large sums of money to various services in order to reach a prospective audience, Bitclave completely eliminates the “middleman,” giving consumers control over their own data.


Bitclave vs. SEO

The search engine is an impressive piece of technology that has served us well over the years and has been dominated by the likes of Google, yahoo! and Bing (to name a few). So, how does Bitclave related to modern day search?

Think of Bitclave as the next generation of search engines, aiming to bring the Internet back to consumers.

The Bitclave ecosystem puts control back in the hands of consumers, giving them ownership of their data and allowing them compensation and added value for this freedom. However, like most things that are associated with a centralized framework, there is a hefty price to pay.

Consider, for example, the fact that more than $500 billion worth of ads are posted with the help of the data from search engines each year and the number is increasing astronomically. [source ]


LTTR: On the Bleeding Edge of Technology

Let LTTR bring your business into the fold of cutting edge technology. We constantly have our finger on the pulse of what works and what doesn’t, what new technology is out there and available, including decentralized web, projects like these that relate to search and other things that relate to advertising such as the Brave Browser .

Contact LTTR today to learn how we can help you grow your business using blockchain-based digital advertising & more.