Why You Have to Accept Bitcoin

If you own a business, then you know that people are always trying to pay in different ways. Whether it’s checks, credit cards, PayPal, or other online payment processors, more and more businesses are saying “yes” to more and more ways of paying. After all, the more convenient it is for consumers to purchase your products or services, the more likely they are to do so.

A newer kind of payment request is popping up more and more frequently, however. Maybe you’ve even experienced it yourself. And, if you haven’t, don’t be surprised if you do soon. Bitcoin is becoming a popular way to pay for anything and everything, and your business should step up to the plate. Why? Accepting this cryptocurrency comes with a lot of benefits!

Go International

There are many reasons to accept Bitcoin. But, one of the most major is that it allows you to accept international payments. All too frequently, businesses lose out on sales simply because the purchaser is located overseas or has credit cards that were issued overseas.

Businesses are often concerned about the safety of accepting these cards, not to mention the high cross-border transaction costs that typically accompany them. However, when you take the card out of the equation and allow clients to use Bitcoin instead, you can accept payments from anywhere and everywhere with no merchant fee. Plus, there’s no risk to you since Bitcoin doesn’t allow chargebacks. Best of all, you don’t even need a merchant account.

Sell Large-Ticket Items Without Fear

Speaking of that no-chargebacks-allowed rule, it can really come in handy when you deal in large-ticket items. Sometimes, a major sale can spell success for a business. And, there’s nothing worse than having that success stripped away due to a client chargeback, especially if you’ve already incurred costs.

Accepting Bitcoin doesn’t carry this type of risk. Once a transaction has settled, it’s done! Settlement is final and usually within one hour. You never have to fear a chargeback or its implications.

Avoid Delivery Hassles

Accepting Bitcoin also offers a relative degree of anonymity which many of your clients are sure to appreciate. Not having to provide a specific name and address or one that matches a certain card can also prove helpful for more complex shipping situations.

A buyer can simply have an item, even a large-ticket item, sent to their preferred address. And, since there are no worries about chargebacks, you can ship it at their request. This takes the worry and responsibility off of your shoulders and also makes things easier on the buyer.

They don’t have to worry about proving their identity, easily sending an item to someone else, picking an item up at a location other than their verifiable home address, or anything else. Thus, even the trickiest shipping situations can be handled with ease on both sides.

Never Lose A Sale

Finally, when you choose to accept Bitcoin, you also choose to open your business up to anyone and everyone, which could mean more sales and more profit for you.

Many people, especially in today’s day and age, like to stay “off the grid” for a variety of reasons. And, when you take Bitcoin, you open your business up to those people.

Whether it’s the financially independent, the person who can’t qualify for the traditional banking set-up, or the expat who doesn’t have easy access to banking, you never have to turn anyone away when Bitcoin is accepted. Not only does this mean more sales for you, but it gives you a chance to help out those who have fewer options for purchasing the items they need or want.

Ultimately, there are many good reasons to accept Bitcoin. And, with no risk of chargebacks, what do you have to lose? Open your business up to a whole new and better way of accepting payments, and then sit back and reap the benefits.

Do You Own Your Google My Business Listing?

Many large and small businesses have their information displayed to searchers via Google My Business, which provides basic details about all kinds of businesses.

Sometimes, these profiles are created by the business owner. Other times, Google creates the listings from publicly available information. Possibly other vendors your business has used in the past created them and still maintain actual ownership.

The good news, though, is that whether you created the listing yourself or not, you can request ownership of Google My Business listings. And, when you’re the owner or manager of those listings, you can control the information you share about your business. Although, you won’t have total control over everything. Technically, Google owns the content and can do as it likes with it. But, when you sign on and manage the listing yourself, you at least have some majority say in how it reflects on you.

How To Claim Your Business

Now that you understand a bit more about Google My Business and how it works, it’s time to claim your business listing if you haven’t already done so. This is the only way to have any control over the information contained within the listing.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to claim your business. Sign into your Google account, or create one if needed. Then, go to Google Maps, search for your business, click the name, and then click “claim this business.” You will then have to verify that you are the owner of the business before you can control the listing.

The most common verification method is via regular mail. Google sends a postcard to your business address with a special, unique code on it.  Once you receive the card, enter the verification code in your account, and you’ll be good to go! Some businesses may also be able to gain verification by receiving a code via email or over the phone.

What If Someone Else Is The Owner?!

We have seen many times a client realize that they, the business owner is not the actual Google My Business Listing owner. This situation can open the business up to a ton of potential pain! A previous employee, business partner or vendor may be the actual GMB owner with the ability to intentionally or unintentionally damage your business or reputation at will. This is something you as the business owner can not allow. We must secure the safety & security of your Google My Business Listing. Securing your GMB listing can become a long process if owned by someone else. Contact us for help in most effectively securing your GMB listing now.

Control Your Information

Once you successfully claim your business on Google My Business, you’re ready to start controlling your information. Make sure your operating hours, address, phone number, and other details are correct. Also, add in a self-description that highlights your business and all it has to offer. For best results and to improve the visibility of your listing, it’s best to have an SEO professional help you with this step.

You can also add Google My Business authorized representatives, which are approved individuals who have your permission to add information to your listing. Be careful about who you trust with this ability. Only SEO professionals, business co-owners, managers, or other trusted individuals should be added as authorized representatives since they will be able to add or change some information in the listing. Google allows you to add other users as non-owners which is what we suggest. This reduces risk of GMB Listing theft.

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Contact Look to the Right

Using Google My Business correctly is important for all businesses. Having no information or the wrong information on a listing can cost you both customers and views. To ensure all the right information is posted and that it’s managed in a way that benefits you and your business as much as possible, enlist professional help. Here at Look to the Right, we’re experts at making Google My Business work for you, rather than against you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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Brave Browser Company Announces Search Engine Acquisition

Brave has long been known as the browser company with a focus on privacy. And, now, it’s taking privacy one step further with plans to release its own Google search alternative. 

The process has already started rolling along with Brave’s recent acquisition of Tailcat. Tailcat was already being developed as a privacy-focused search engine, but now that Brave has taken the reins, it’s ready to mold and shape the abandoned search engine project into a powerful tool that allows users to search and surf the web with greater privacy than ever before.

A Summer Launch 

The one-of-a-kind search tool is set to launch in the summer of 2021. It will be integrated with the Brave browser, which will no longer have to rely on major, less-than-secure search engines. According to Brave, users will not only enjoy a new and improved search experience, but they’ll also enjoy greater peace of mind since Tailcat will not track or collect IP addresses or other identifying information.  

While many are excited for the launch, it should come as no surprise to those who have followed Brave’s trajectory. The company recently grew its active user base to more than 26 million. Since more and more people are becoming concerned about security and calling for more privacy on the web, the adoption of Brave and its tools just makes sense. Many feel that the company is paving the way of the future and bringing about a whole new kind of online experience.

Look to the Right Take:

LTTR has long since been aware of Brave and its possibilities, first calling attention to its potential in 2016. LTTR’s forward-focused founder and owner, Noah Boswell, states, “It will be exciting to see what Brave comes up with in the search arena and to discover new ways to reach the market it creates. Our hope is that Brave Search users will be compensated in BAT tokens with search advertiser AdSpend.”

While only time will tell what the future holds for Brave and its search engine, the future certainly looks bright. In fact, you might say that the company is poised to open up a “brave,” new world of searching and search advertising!

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Three Tips for a Successful Google Ads Campaign

Google offers all kinds of services and options that businesses can use to be more successful. One such service is Google Ads, which allows people to create ads and then “compete” auction-style for their chance to have their ads appear when relevant searches are performed.

So, how do you win these auctions and actually have your ads displayed? Well, the best way is to follow these simple google ads tips!

Tip #1: Use Branded Keywords

First things first, when possible, have your Google Ads campaign include branded terms. You’ll find it very easy to make relevant ads for your keywords. Plus, when people search for your products or services, your ads are sure to show up, enabling them to target the people most likely to make a purchase.

However, for best results, use branded keywords alongside simpler, non-branded terms to have more of an impact. That way, people who search for the non-branded term may still be shown your ad. Plus, you may improve your Google ads quality score via this method, which helps your account as a whole.

Tip #2: Inform Google of Negative Keywords

Your Google Ads account also allows you to include “negative keywords.” These are basically keywords that you feel do not reflect your business and/or the type of traffic you’d like to attract.

If you run a very upscale restaurant, for example, you wouldn’t want it to appear when people search “cheap food near me.” You’d either get the wrong customers at your door or have your ad shown to people who are just going to click away from your site once they see your prices. But, problems like these can go away when you properly make use of the negative keyword feature.

Tip #3: Update Your Bids

Finally, once you’ve been using Google Ads for a while, take a look to see where most of your traffic is coming from. When you notice a lot of searches are coming from a particular area, especially if those searches are leading to conversions, you can adjust your bids for searches coming from those specific locations in the future. That way, your ads are more likely to appear to people who are looking for products or services just like yours!

Learn More

Would you like to learn more great tips that can help you be successful with Google Ads? Or, maybe you want professional assistance that can guide you through your entire Google Ads campaign. Here at Look to the Right, we can provide help not only with Google Ads but with all of your online marketing and SEO needs. To learn more, reach out to us today!

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The Best Ways to Respond to Negative Feedback

No one likes seeing a negative review of their business. In fact, a really scathing one may make you want to lash out in anger at the person who left it. However, there is definitely a wrong and a right approach in terms of how to respond to negative feedback from customers. And, if you want to stay in business, you have to handle negative reviews appropriately. After all, they’re just part of running a business.

Don’t Put It Off

First things first, when you see a negative review, you might be tempted to fire off an anger-fueled response. Don’t. Instead, take a deep breath. Think about your business and the image you want to portray. Then, once you’re calm, go ahead and get your response out.


Responding quickly is one of the best ways to respond to negative feedback, providing you keep your cool. That’s because a fast response shows customers that you care about what they have to say, that you stay on top of reviews and feedback, and that you immediately try to right any wrongs. This can restore the faith of the angry customer and show other customers the kind of business owner you truly are.

Say Thank You

When you respond to negative reviews, a “thank you” to the reviewer may be appropriate. Thanking them for coming to your establishment, supporting your business and even for sharing their feedback with you. After all, as hard as it may be to hear, bad feedback does ultimately help you to grow and improve. Plus, you want to start off politely and to show the customer respect.

Try to Make it Right

Finally, when responding to reviews, it’s always nice to try and do something to make things right, especially if you feel like your business genuinely did make a mistake of some sort.

Offering a discount, a free service or product, or even just a phone call to talk things over can really put you and your business in a positive light. Plus, it might enable you to keep a customer you might have otherwise lost for good.

Contact Look to The Right

Want more tips on how to handle negative reviews? Or, maybe you need help managing your online reputation in general. Whatever the case may be, Look to the Right can help. As a full-service SEO agency, we can help your business develop and maintain a positive online presence. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you!


computer with browser window and ranking sites in search results of web search engine, first place in the SERP

How to Pay Google To Rank You Better

Modern business owners know how important it is for their sites to rank near the top of relevant Google searches. In fact, a good ranking can mean the difference between a successful business and one that goes under.

You may wish you could just pay Google directly for better ranking for your business, and we argue you can!

Google attempts to be incredibly honest and fair in its rankings. However, some businesses do have an advantage. Businesses that understand how Google works and use their knowledge for their own benefit often secure higher rankings.

Stay On Top of the Latest Changes

The first thing you have to understand is that Google changes its algorithms and processes very regularly. Some of these changes are announced publicly, and it’s wise to stay on top of any and all news related to major updates or changes to Google’s algorithm. The more you know about Google and how it currently functions, the greater the chances you can improve your Google rankings. Don’t worry, you don’t have to take time away from your business to do so, thats why we are here.

With that said, though, just knowing what Google publicly releases isn’t enough. You also, ideally, need to know the inner workings of Google. That’s where skilled SEO companies come into play. The best companies have been researching and tracking Google for years and have an understanding of how it functions and how you can use the system to achieve the best results. By working with such a company, as well as doing your research, you can stay on top of all the changes Google makes and maintain high rankings for your business.

Technical SEO

How do you pay Google to rank higher? Technical SEO. Using what we know you can quite literally pay Google to rank your website higher. We don’t give away all our secrets. Contact us today to understand how you can pay Google to rank your site higher with Technical SEO.

Contact Look to the Right

A lot of these strategies are very complex, which is why it’s wise to enlist the help of a professional SEO firm. And, here at Look to the Right, we consider ourselves not just SEO professionals, but true SEO experts. If you’d like our help ranking higher on Google and to have a stronger online presence in general, feel free to contact us. You won’t be disappointed!.