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Septimber Success Story

New Client made 33% of what he made the WHOLE MONTH last month in the FIRST 4 days this month on 96% LESS MONEY with my […]

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Paid Search More Likely to Sell than Organic – Internet Retailer

12 Month study by Engine Ready based on traffic to 26 etailers found that Conversion rates are almost double what organic traffic conversion rate is. Also […]

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Save Time and Money with a Professional PPC Service

Online advertising is taking the world by storm. The internet has made it easier, cheaper, and more effective to reach large numbers of people across the […]

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Get your Google Adwords Campaign off the Ground

A Google Adwords campaign is a great way to bring targeted traffic straight to your Web site. If applied correctly, with just a little investment you […]

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AdWords Account Structure Video from Google

Great video on some of the first steps LTTR tries to identify about your AdWords Campaign to boost preformance.

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AdWords Bidding Stratagies

Google just released a new tutorial on bidding strategies. This is a great tutorial for anyone looking to learn more about how to maximize budget and profits. To […]

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Proper AdWords Campaign Structure

Here are two great sources from the source on Proper AdWords Account Structure. Following these guide lines will help your adwords account preform much better. This […]

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Great Google AdWords Video from Google

UPDATE: 11-5-13 This was original live on Googles Youtube Page however It appears to have been switched to private.

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Was watching a youtube video and saw this Ad at the bottom. Enjoy!  

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Excluding Internal Traffic from Google Analytics

Excluding Internal Traffic from Google Analytics is a MUST.  Not accounting for a companies internal traffic helps you make better decisions on AdWords or any other […]

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