Vino de Afuera

This was a new eCommerce website for a wine startup business and totally in Spanish. We did a complete wireframe design from the extensive meeting with the client and proposed homepage, store, product’s page, internal pages templates and contact page for both desktop and mobile.

Working with the wireframe the client can visualize the layout of the website, which helps them conceptualize the basic prototype of the site in the early design process. Other services we provided for this client include logo design, web development and eCommerce web design.

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ACIT provides training and lessons for future commercial pilots. Their previous site was not SEO optimized and didn’t appeal to their younger demographic.

We created a new sleek mobile friendly design with stronger CTA’s that yielded more leads. This client operates exclusively in Chile so we deployed our team of native Spanish writers to create relevant copy that would make ACIT’s services more enticing to the local market. This allowed them to go from almost no rankings to ranking much higher in the relevant keywords. 

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Van Products Commercial Upfits

Van Products Commercial Upfits is a division of Van Products that targets a different market. They needed a more industrial feel from their main site, so we customized a WordPress theme to use on a separate domain.

We improved their SEO and optimized for mobile. Our skilled writers created a blog and pages with content that allowed them to more effectively target their key demographic

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Mitchell Advisory Company

Mitchell Advisory Company provides accounting and tax services for North Carolina residents. Their previous site was not SEO friendly and had many limitations due to being on the WIX platform

We created a new site with a customized WordPress template. The focus of the new site was to improve CTA’s and add content for their target keywords. As a result, they saw an influx of leads and improved user experience on mobile devices due to the responsive design

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OSC logo white bg header

Orthopedic Service Company

Orthopedic Service Company had a site that was limited by a proprietary CMS. This made it difficult for them to add new pages, edit existing pages or improve their SEO.

LTTR customized a WordPress template to be more accessible to their clientele and match their brand. Our goal was to create an SEO solution that allowed them to rank in regional areas. After the site was implemented they saw an increase in leads and improved rankings.  

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Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry

Raleigh Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry had a great website, but it was built over 10 years ago and not mobile friendly. They needed a content management system and design update to stand out in the competitive dentistry industry in Raleigh, NC.

We created a new design from the ground up with a highly qualified graphic designer who had experience in the medical and dental fields. This included custom typography and colors that matched their brand. We migrated all of their meta data, content, URL’s and helped boost their rankings.

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