Wakefield ATV is a client with a single storefront selling automotive accessories. Their previous site was not editable and suffered from bad hosting. They needed to improve their site and provide a more friendly UI for their customers

We stayed within their budget and customized a WordPress template so the quality of their business was reflected in their site. Our primary focus was to implement new design, improve mobile functionality, and target focused keywords in their area. After the new, optimized design was implemented, Wakefield saw a massive increase in traffic, a jump in rankings, and improved customer experience.

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Van Products

Van Products needed a full top to bottom custom build for their site. Their previous site had limited functionality when it came to SEO targeting and mobile responsiveness. We had a local NC designer with experience working with large businesses in various fields create a custom design.

We designed the site with accessibility in mind, ensuring ease of use for all their clients including the elderly and customers with physical limitations. We also set up an eCommerce content management system using Magento and built an AMP site a year or so later. After everything was implemented, they went from a few rankings to dominating the search engine results in the local and regional markets. They were able to benefit from the full range of LTTR services.

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