LTTR Case Studies

Interested in growing your business and reaching your goals? Look to the Right (LTTR) is pleased to be able to share in-depth case study highlights that allow prospective clients to see real-life examples of just how we’ve assisted businesses, brands, and customers in increasing sales and driving conversions.

What Our Case Studies Highlight

In an effort to show the range and depth of our client base, each of our case studies highlights clients from different industry backgrounds. Each was faced with a different set of challenges, and each struggled with how to reach their goals for their individual business.

Some of the core items we touch upon in each of our case studies includes:

Knowledge of the Client / Industry

We do our due diligence and thoroughly research both the client as well as the industry in order to make sure we have a thorough understanding of the background / subject matter.

Competitor Intel

In addition to knowing the client and the client’s industry inside-out, we also take the time to research and get to know who the major competitors are.

Client Challenges / Goals

Each of our clients who has come to us has needed some form of guidance and/or assistance with reaching their digital marketing goals. We take the time to hear what these challenges are as well as the goals the client has, and then we offer our professional opinion on how best to achieve these goals.

Digital Marketing Strategy / Implementation / Monitoring

Armed with the tools, resources and understanding of the client and their industry, we are able to move forward in creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that yields real results.


LTTR has worked with Van Products clients since 2011. This client asked LTTR to help deliver high quality Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising with search engine optimization […]
Disclaimer: The client’s name has been withheld and some sensitive data has been augmented for client privacy. LTTR worked with the therapy practice for three […]
The Results Despite having Mitchell Advisory Company as a client for only a short period of time, we have already begun to see marked improvement […]
Over the course of January 2013 to December 2014, LTTR: Weekly AdWords/PPC management, including budget adjustments & monitoring Year over year (YoY), LTTR optimized the […]
OSC logo white bg header
The Results Despite having Orthopedic Service Company as a client for only a short period of time, we have already begun to see marked improvement […]
The Results Even after all of the increases that we've seen in the last three years of having Southern Accent Shutters as a client, we […]
LTTR has worked with Stromasys since December 2016. One year later, we are still delivering high quality results via Pay-Per-Click advertising and optimized, organic search […]
The Results Even after all of the increases that we've seen in the last SIX years of having VP as a client, we have continued to witness […]
LTTR recently consulted with a client on ways to improve their website rankings on search engines. Based on competitor research and analysis as well as […]
The Results Increased conversions Increased revenue (from sales) Increased transactions (from website)   Time Period: January 2014 - December 2014 (compared to January 2013 - December […]


Problem Solving at its Best

Nothing demonstrates our proven expertise in being able to solve problems than our case studies. With more than a decade of experience as an industry leader, LTTR’s clients are proof that not only is Internet marketing a valuable part of any marketing strategy; it is effective when done correctly and managed by a team of experts.

What can LTTR do for your business? Contact us today to find out.