Client Results

At Look to the Right (LTTR) Internet Marketing, we are dedicated to providing top level, quality Internet marketing services in Raleigh, NC as well as around the globe. Take a look at what some of our customers are saying.

Client Testimonials

In 2014 we transferred $30,000 in TV Advertising to LTTR. We did $1,5000,000 more sales in 2014 compared to 2013. I’m happy with the results.


In a little over two years working with LTTR our Mark To Market Monthly Revenue on site went from about $2,000 per month to over $22,000 per month. We were very pleased with how LTTR handled everything over the years.

-Cary, NC Company

I tested a low and high budget AdSpend with LTTR over 4+ months. Our return on the higher AdSpend generated sales of  ABOUT $75,000 per quarter (per month in spend).


Look to the Right Has helped us go from $0 on the internet to over $10,000 in one week in less than 8 months. Our first $40,000+ day in less than 9 months. We are highly pleased with the results we have received and the quality of communication as well. Look to the Right has helped us in every step from Website development, eCommerce integration and eCommerce business development, Pay Per Click management that has 600-900% returns on a month after month basis. We would highly recommend Look to the Right.

John W. 

Look to the Right provided excellent, personalized, highly professional service which produced results immediately. Any business owner with a website would greatly benefit from using their services.

Deborah F.

Your marketing strategies have worked wonders in growing my photography business! When I started at the beginning of the year, I was expecting Google would only supplement my advertising. However, it has quickly become my #1 source of new clients. I’m excited to see the results I get in the new year!

Irwin F.

I hired Noah for 4 hours and he took our PPC campaign from about a 2 to about a 7-8 Quality Score (10 being the best).  TOTALLY worth the investment.  I am seeing a measurable difference in ad placement and quality in less than 3 days.

Jeff S.

Look to the Right internet marketing has been an integral part of our online campaign success. Since the initiation of the business relationship, we have seen a significant positive impact on our inbound patient flow from both organic and a pay per click sources. Statistically, it has been a 30 percent increase over the same periods just a year prior. All of this has been accomplished in a recessionary environment which make the impact even more impressive.

Dr. W.

After working with Noah at Look to the Right we noticed a huge change in the first week. We started getting more leads and sales. In our first month working with Noah we went from a 0 return on adspend to over 400% return on our advertising dollars with a budget over $30,000 per month. I highly recommend Noah and Look to the Right for getting big results fast.

Matt F.

LTTR takes the privacy of its clients very seriously. If you would like to know what verticals these clients are in, or if you would like to see a specific example of the work we did for them, please call us today.


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