Domain Brokerage

When it comes to housing your business website, you need the absolute perfect domain if you are going to have success. You need a domain that will make the major search engines know that your business exists and cause your site to rank high on these search engines. You also, of course, need a domain that captures the interest of others and that is interesting and engaging. Fortunately, here at Look to the Right, we can help you to find and buy the perfect domain to meet your needs and to help your business to have success.

Of course, if you’re on the opposite side and want to sell a high value domain that you currently own and no longer need, we can help with that too. We’ll be able to assess the domain you are trying to sell and its value. And, from there, we’ll help to ensure that you get the absolute best deal possible on your domain and that you don’t get cheated out of its value.

With our help, whether you are on the buying end or the selling end of the “domain game,” we’ve got you covered here at Look to the Right.

A Personal Touch

Whether your goal is to buy or sell a domain, we pride ourselves on assisting you with a highly personalized touch. If you’re buying a domain, we’ll sit down with you, either virtually or in person, talk to you about what your business is all about and its goals, and then work hard to help you find the perfect domain to meet your needs.

If you are on the opposite side and are selling your domain, that same personal touch and attention will still be there! We’re glad to talk to you about what you hope to get for your domain, offers you have received in the past, and how we can help you to get the best value for your virtual property.

Sit Back and Relax!

Another really nice thing about buying or selling a domain with us acting as your broker is that you don’t have to do any of the hard work. Let go of the stress and worry that go along with buying or selling a domain, and, instead, let us do the hard work and research for you.

You won’t have to work hard to find a great deal, sit through endless bartering and negotiating (and re-negotiating) sessions, or do anything else difficult. Instead, you can put your trust and faith in us, and let us work out all the rest.

As you can see, letting us do the hard work of buying and/or selling domains for you is totally worth it! Not only is it easier and more stress-free, but you’ll also get to enjoy the fact that we are true experts in the domain brokerage area and can truly take a skilled, experienced approach to the process that will end up benefitting you immensely in the long run.


(From The Owner) I have been involved in many domain brokerages over the last decade. One in particular I remember successfully negotiating a domain of $12,000 to below $8,000 over a period of about 60 days. This was our largest percentage savings of all domains brokered thus far. This was a spectacular domain with all the right keywords and very memorable. We later went on to build out a site on the domain and fully leverage in marketing and advertising campaigns. This property is still paying dividends to the owner today.

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