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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex thing, and many businesses run into problems with their SEO strategies. In fact, “fix my SEO,” is a pretty commonly searched term on Google. Whether you did your SEO yourself and are now having issues or hired someone to do it and found that their services were not all they were cracked up to be, don’t worry! We can help. So, before you Google another term like “Fix SEO on my site,” turn to us. We know how to answer those please fix my website SEO pleas.




Damage Control

First things first, when you hire us here at Look to the Right (LTTR), our number one priority is going onto your site and seeing what SEO errors have been made in the past. Whether you have hired someone to perform SEO for you or have done it yourself, we are skilled at finding any issues or problems with your SEO, such as outdated strategies, strategies that Google and other major search engines reject- such as keyword stuffing, and a variety of other problems. We will provide you with a breakdown of what you need to fix and how so that you can get your site and, by extension, your business on the right track.

Even if you have never had any SEO work done in the past, we are glad to take a look at your current site and to let you know what you are doing well and where you could stand some improvement.

We know all the best SEO practices, and, whether you need improvement or even to start from scratch, we can help.

Common Errors

Whenever people look for answers on how to fix my SEO on my website, it is, more often than not, because they are dealing with common SEO issues that hurt their search engine ranking, their credibility, and their overall business success in general.

Here at LTTR, we are used to dealing with all kinds of common (and not so common) SEO issues. For example, we regularly help people who deal with the following general issues:

  • Image optimization issues
  • Duplicate content, which will hurt search engine rankings
  • Ineffective meta descriptions
  • Poorly structured data
  • Bad or non-existent link optimization
  • A recent move to a new URL that is causing problems
  • Low organic traffic
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Old, outdated, or dead URLs
  • Slow load times

Whether your issue is on that list or not or even if you are not quite sure what your issue is, we can help.

SEO Audits

Getting to know your strengths and weaknesses is the fist step on the path to great SEO. At LTTR we can help you get a better understanding of where you need to go and how to fix it. We offer two types of SEO audits depending on your need. Our free SEO audit will give you a basic idea of how you can improve your SEO and provides you with a cost estimate so your site can dominate the rankings. Our full SEO audit is much more comprehensive and includes an analysis of technical SEO factors. With a full audit you will receive a blueprint of how your site can succeed.

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Here at LTTR, we have a multitude of experience and expertise backing us. We have been dealing in SEO for years and have seen it through the many changes it has undergone. As a result, our expert team of professionals can assist you with all of your SEO needs and problems and take your site and your business to positive places it has never been before. If you are ready to make a great change for your business and to fix all of your SEO problems, then contact us today; we will steer you in the Right direction.