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Adwords Qualified CompanyWhen coupled with a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan, paid search can be an extremely powerful tool to help your business aggressively grow ROI while increasing brand awareness.

As a Google Certified Partner, Look to the Right (LTTR) offers a full suite of Google AdWords (aka: Paid Search) services, including pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, display advertising, remarketing campaigns, and more. Check out some of the additional benefits of using Google AdWords below.

Benefits of Google AdWords

Google AdWords is measurable.

Millions of businesses rely on Google AdWords because it provides measurable data about information such as: clicks, impressions, conversions, and more. Learn how your customers are searching for your business, and then tailor your advertising accordingly to reach people when and where it matters.

Google AdWords is flexible.

Create countless ads, import keywords, and monitor campaign performance. Perform A/B testing with ads. See what works and what doesn’t, and then pause or adjust underperforming ads accordingly. With Google AdWords, you have the flexibility to test and then test again until you get it right.

Google AdWords can save money.

One of the biggest draws of Google AdWords is that it can actually save you money (when managed professionally). How? Coupled with a comprehensive SEO strategy and close monitoring of ad performance, you can pause underperforming ads as well monitor how people are searching and finding your site. This allows you to make informed decisions to help you cut potentially wasteful spend.

Google AdWords helps you reach your target audience.

Advertise locally. Advertise globally. Advertise at certain times of the day, or certain days of the week. Take advantage of device targeting or display advertising. With so many options, Google AdWords gives you the flexibility and the opportunity to reach who you want when you want.

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Why Hire a Google AdWords Certified Expert?

Dive deep into data with Google AdWords, and learn more about how your ideal consumers search for and find your business, then create targeted ads that drive qualified traffic to your website. Sound easy? Google AdWords can be (and usually is) fairly complex, which is why it is beneficial to hire a Certified Google AdWords Partner to help you manage your AdWords campaigns.

At Look to the Right, we possess the education, experience, and expertise to step into the driver’s seat of any Google AdWords campaign. We create and manage Google AdWords campaigns that are performance-based and rooted in meticulous, intelligent strategy, ongoing optimization, rigorous testing, and precise measurement – all with the goal of driving qualified leads to your business.

Ask us about our track record of Google AdWords success! Call us today at (919) 926-8733!

Google AdWords & Its Impact on Your Business

Most have felt the power of the Internet and the newest evolution Search! If Google and Google AdWords have not completely changed or at least had an impact on your business – this means that you probably haven’t taken advantage of the opportunity that’s available.

Taking advantage of Google search with Google Adwords can be time consuming and possibly distracting from what you do best: running your business.

This is where we come in.

Look to the Right is your best solution for Google AdWords. As a results oriented company, our clients report (on average) a 600-900% return on investment on their marketing budget! We can help you achieve the same results.

Harness the Power of Google AdWords

Google AdWords is Google´s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search engine advertising platform, and it is one of the best marketing opportunities for a business of any size! In fact, the following are four distinct advantages Google AdWords offers to you as an Internet advertiser.

4 Advantages Google AdWords Offers Internet Advertisers

#1 – Laser Targeted Advertising

  • With Google AdWords, you can laser target your advertising campaign to specific search keywords, demographics, location, etc so that you are advertising only to your select market.

#2 – Complete Budget Control

  • With Google AdWords, you can control your budget to the penny. You can control how much you pay per visitor to your site, plus how much you spend per day or month. There are no minimum budgets either – you can spend $1 per day or $100,000 per day!

#3 – Real-Time Control

  • With Google AdWords, you can pause, resume, increase, decrease, and change your advertising campaign instantly.

#4 – Instant Results

  • No waiting for SEO results – with Google AdWords, you can start getting traffic right away.

The “Secret” to Google AdWords Success

There is really no secret to succeeding with Google AdWords except knowing what you’re doing. Google AdWords is becoming more and more complex each year, and it’s imperative that you know how to manage your AdWords campaign for maximum results.

Below, we share some of the campaign factors that must be manage constantly in order to have a successful campaign:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC
  • LTTR is a Google Certified PartnerAd Copy
  • Landing Page
  • Site Quality
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Conversion Rate
  • Keywords
  • Keyword Match Type
  • And more

Fail to manage your Google AdWords account correctly, and it will turn into an expensive mistake. However, when managed correctly, Google AdWords can be a profitable gold mine for your business.

The LTTR Advantage

We can help you create and manage a highly profitable Google AdWords campaign. Here are three reasons why you want us to manage your Google AdWords Campaign:

  • RESULTS. We are Google AdWords Certified, so you can rest assured that we know Google AdWords inside and out – we know how to get you the best results.
  • RESULTS. We use Google Analytics and other solutions to help us precisely track and analyze your marketing campaign, then we make changes to give you the best results.
  • RESULTS. We can help you use other Google products like Froogle and Google Checkout to increase your results even more.


  • Google AdWords is an extremely powerful marketing system.
  • You need to know how to use Google AdWords (or know someone who does).
  • LTTR is Google Certified; We know how to use Google AdWords to help you sell more products and make more money!

It’s that simple. Contact us today and we’ll explain how to get started.

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