Graphic Designer | Las Condes, Santiago - Chile

Look to the Right is seeking a graphic designer to join its team. We are a digital marketing agency, so our graphic designer would create original content not only for us but also for the diverse body of clients we serve. We need visual content for our website, the websites of our clients, internet ads, social media platforms, marketing campaigns, and sometimes print promotional materials.

This is a contractor hourly position, meaning that it pays according to hours worked and is not salaried. The graphic designer will work during our business hours, Monday-Friday, 9-5pm U.S Eastern Standard Time. All hours worked will be billed to client projects and our billing works on 5-minute intervals.


-Handling multiple projects from a diverse portfolio of clients.

-Creating visual content for corporate websites, marketing campaigns, online ads, various social media platforms, print production, digital displays, etc.

-Managing company website design and website design of other companies

-Adhering to company standards of professionalism and respecting copyright laws

-Finding appropriate stock images for various projects

-Keeping an organized archive of all content created.

-Recommending ways to improve our company’s website and client’s websites

-Assisting with image uploads and content management

-Creating original designs from client information

-Incorporating changes recommended by clients and leadership and incorporating them into the final design.

-Reviewing designs for errors before printing or publishing them


-Fluency in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

-Understanding of key concepts of web design, web layouts, and components of UX design

Must be:

-Conscientious of company time and client time (must keep careful track of time to bill to different projects/clients)

-Motivated to stay current with internet and software technologies

-Attentive to detail and accuracy

-Able to think creatively and solve problems

-Self-motivated and can work independently

-Able to take constructive criticism and change direction when needed

-Organized and able to complete tasks according to priority

-Able to handle concurrent projects while meeting deadlines

-Dependable and punctual for scheduled meetings/phone calls

-Capable of working in an office environment and at home.

-Professional and have a strong work ethic

-Understanding of key concepts of web design


-Degree in graphic design or a related field is preferred.

-At least 2 years of work experience in graphic design with a strong, diverse portfolio

-Fluency in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator (After Effects knowledge also desirable)

Bonus skills:


-Experience with Photography

-Video editing (and experience with Adobe Premiere Pro)

-Experience with WordPress, content management systems (CMSs), and/or  eCommerce platforms

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