Reputation Monitoring & Management for Health Care Providers

Most health care providers are aware of the important role that their online reputation plays in being able to attract as well as retain patients.

Recent studies show that even after receiving a referral to a provider, patients STILL check online reviews for information about that doctor. This is why it’s not only important for health care providers to have a strong online presence; it’s also equally important that they pay attention to what others are saying about them online.

At Look to the Right (LTTR), we provide professional online reputation management for health care providers – paying close attention to what patients are saying about you and your practice. We can offer advice on how to respond and/or make sure that we respond in a timely manner to help resolve issues.

Reputation Services to Protect Healthcare Providers

Planning on growing your practice? Already have an established practice but faced with mounting online reputation issues? Let us help you reestablish your online reputation. Your business is too valuable to allow reputation management issues stand in the way of success. Let our trusted team of Internet marketing and online reputation management experts help you grow your business.

The vast majority of patients turn to online reviews as a first step to establishing a relationship with a health care provider. If someone is leaving false reviews of your practice or is upset about the service they received, it is important to know about this as soon as it happens so that you can provide a response and work to resolve the issue.

Responding to negative reviews quickly and with a well-thought out answer often works in your favor and is better than the risk of a potential patient seeing that someone left a negative review that was never addressed.

We know how valuable positive reviews can be for building your practice as well as lending credibility to your skills and expertise as a healthcare provider. We also know how busy healthcare providers are. Physicians don’t always have the time to research every mention of their name on the web. We make it easier for them by providing a summary of everything so that they can at least be aware of what’s out there and review what is going on.

Allow our team to help you better respond to the needs, praises and complaints.

Take a look below at some of the reputation management services that we currently offer.

Reputation Monitoring & Management Services We Provide

Below are some of the online reputation management services we offer to health care providers.

Online Reviews

  • Monitoring & response to reviews
  • Consultation/advice on how you/your practice should respond to reviews

Online Reputation Construction

  • In-depth analysis of current online reputation
  • Customized social media plan, outlining KPIs and goals for future management
  • Actionable suggestions for how to address current online reputation issues
  • Proactive, positive online reputation building

Responding to negative reviews

  • Manage existing negative comments or reviews
  • Manage online reviews
  • Relationship building

Documentation for Legal Action (if Needed)

  • Archival documentation of any and all reviews about your name/practice/practitioners
  • Archival documentation of all dates, times, locations (sites) of reviews/mentions for case should legal action be necessary
  • LTTR can appear in-person with documentation on your behalf if a case/hearing is pursued

Monitoring for Name/Brand Mentions

  • Timely updates whenever your name/health care practice is mentioned online
  • Proactive, early detection of any potentially harmful reputation issues
  • Immediate response/action to negative feedback or comments
  • Reputation construction to include the creation of new, positive mentions

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