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What is a Container?

These days, all kinds of technology exists. In fact, there’s so much that it can be hard to tell what’s legitimate and necessary from what isn’t. However, containers definitely fall into the useful category. What is a container? You can think of it as a way to virtualize your operating system. Using a container, you […]


Why JPEG Has Run Its Course

Codecs are compression technologies that are used with all kinds of digital media. However, when it comes to images, one codec, the JPEG, has been considered the “leader” for quite some time. And, to be honest, in many ways, that time is (or should be) over. While this familiar codec has certainly served its purpose […]

What is Docker?!

Many people, especially those who run their own servers, apps, or websites, have heard of Docker, though they might not be quite sure how it works. Whether you have or have not heard of Docker, however, it’s an important tool that you should familiarize yourself with. So, what is Docker? Via this open source platform, […]

Why You Have to Accept Bitcoin

If you own a business, then you know that people are always trying to pay in different ways. Whether it’s checks, credit cards, PayPal, or other online payment processors, more and more businesses are saying “yes” to more and more ways of paying. After all, the more convenient it is for consumers to purchase your […]

Do You Own Your Google My Business Listing?

Many large and small businesses have their information displayed to searchers via Google My Business, which provides basic details about all kinds of businesses. Sometimes, these profiles are created by the business owner. Other times, Google creates the listings from publicly available information. Possibly other vendors your business has used in the past created them […]

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Brave Browser Company Announces Search Engine Acquisition

Brave has long been known as the browser company with a focus on privacy. And, now, it’s taking privacy one step further with plans to release its own Google search alternative.  The process has already started rolling along with Brave’s recent acquisition of Tailcat. Tailcat was already being developed as a privacy-focused search engine, but […]

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Three Tips for a Successful Google Ads Campaign

Google offers all kinds of services and options that businesses can use to be more successful. One such service is Google Ads, which allows people to create ads and then “compete” auction-style for their chance to have their ads appear when relevant searches are performed. So, how do you win these auctions and actually have […]

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The Best Ways to Respond to Negative Feedback

No one likes seeing a negative review of their business. In fact, a really scathing one may make you want to lash out in anger at the person who left it. However, there is definitely a wrong and a right approach in terms of how to respond to negative feedback from customers. And, if you […]