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Excluding Internal Traffic from Google Analytics

Excluding Internal Traffic from Google Analytics is a MUST.  Not accounting for a companies internal traffic helps you make better decisions on AdWords or any other PPC marketing as well as keeping tabs on Top Content as well. This is the easiest way to block internal traffic. Below I will give you a step by […]

Best Practice Google AdWords Campaign Structure

Get Your Structure Right! I can’t tell you the amount of times I have heard and said that! To have a successful AdWords Campaign you must have them structured properly. First make sure you have a Standard Edition NOT a Starter Edition. The Standard Edition gives you much more control and better functionality. And don’t […]

Should I use Google AdWords Starter Edition or Standard Edition

This is a very Common question I get asked very often! “Which Should I use, AdWords Starter Edition or Standard Edition?” My answer is very simply: Google AdWords Standard Edition.  The Starter Edition may seem to be easier, how ever the loss of settings far out weighs the value of Control. Plus when you really do […]

Manually Tagging Links for Google Analytics

Manually Tagging your links in other search engines (besides AdWords) and other marketing campaigns such as Banner Ad’s, Text Link Ad’s, and Video ad’s is a MUST! Unfortunately Google Analytics doesn’t always pick up the right Campaign source, medium and keyword that generated the hit to your site. The best tool to create URL’s that will be […]