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Look to the Right is Now Officially HUB Certified!

Look to the Right (LTTR) is proud to announce that we are now HUB certified by the North Carolina Department of Administration (NCDOA). LTTR has been a 100% minority-owned business since our founding. We are able to provide internet marketing and SEO services in multiple languages so our customers can reach a wider audience. Our […]

LTTR WILL NOW Officially Begin Observation of US HOLIDAYS

After over ten years of non-stop working towards helping our clients reach their goals, Look to the Right (LTTR) will begin to officially observe US holidays. For the past decade+ LTTR has never actually taken an official holiday: There has always been someone on staff working every business day, something we have taken much pride […]

How to reverse-engineer your content to increase traffic

Every single day, over 4 million posts are created in blogs online. When such a great amount of content is generated, it may be difficult for your posts to actually generate engagement with visitors. This is why understanding what makes particular content engaging is fundamental to businesses looking to develop continuous interactions with users and […]

Market Demands On Software Engineers – The Value Of Good Developers

The market demands on software engineers are higher now than ever before and they will certainly continue to go up – The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects software developer jobs will increase by 30 percent between 2016 and 2026. In today’s highly digital world, a good web developer is a key aspect of any […]

Blockchain By Cisco

This is a breakdown of Cisco’s recent announcement about Bitcoin Technology and how they are moving forward with developing the Open Source Technology. Bitcoin & “Blockchain” is rapidly becoming one of the cornerstones of many industries and organizations, mainly because it brings a level of trust in transactions between different parties in a decentralized manner. […]

Why Am I Not Seeing My Keyword Term Number 1?

“Why am I not seeing my keyword term number 1?” is a question SEO clients find themselves asking, usually right after they’ve conducted a Google search to see the results of their SEO services. It’s understandable that after significantly investing on SEO, they want to see the results happening right in front of them. However, […]

Google Introduces AMP for Email

If you’re looking to create a more dynamic, web-page like experience right at your inbox, discover how Google introduces AMP for Email. Coming soon to Gmail and other major email providers such as Yahoo Mail, Outlook and, this new development promises to turn email messages into an interactive experience where you can get things […]