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Why Link Building Is An Essential Component For Your Business SEO

If you’re trying to make your business stand out online, link building is a major factor to be considered. Think of links as the road that search engines and users use to navigate between websites and webpages. Search engines use links to discover new webpages and determine how well a page should rank. Knowing this, […]

3 Ways To Rethink Your SEO According To Google’s Marketing Team

Just because Google is the king of everything regarding search engines, doesn’t mean that the people at Google don’t deal with challenges of their own when positioning their own websites. According to a recently published article in the Think It With Google website, they have to stay up to date on website SEO strategies in […]

How Ignoring SEO Can Affect Your Bottom Line

A proper SEO strategy is in charge of bringing qualified traffic to your website. This means it is abundant in quality content and tailored to the specific needs of your customers, therefore bringing a higher conversion rate than other practices. Even though many people are still convinced SEO is more of a luxury than a […]

How To Stay Up To Date In SEO

Search Engine Marketing is constantly changing and evolving. This means that even if you have invested time and money to bring your page to the top of search engines, said strategies could end up being outdated in just a few month’s time. So how can you stay up to date in SEO? Google’s algorithm changes […]

How Voice Search is Changing SEO

Thanks to apps with voice recognition capabilities such as Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Home Search and Google search, and Amazon’s Alexa, voice search is big in a new way of looking up information online. Of course, this means that the way people find content is different, so it’s time to pay attention to how voice […]

Implementing Digital Marketing for a Dental Practice

There used to be a time when a business could get attention from consumers via radio and tv ads, mail marketing and appearances in the phone book and local newspapers. Those times are no more and reality is that 85% of consumers are using the internet to search for local businesses[source]. Most of your clients […]

Time On Page: Why It Is So Valuable For Your Content Strategy

There are two types of content created online. Viral type/hopeful content aims purely at increased visibility, but not necessarily brand awareness, through social media engagement. The second type of content that is thoroughly thought through, which aims at solving a problem or answering a question. When focusing on viral content, the time someone spends on […]

Why Visual Content Is More Powerful Now Than Ever

Both users and search engines love visual content. It is the fastest and most efficient way to captivate your audience’s attention and get them to share your message across various platforms. Visual content conveys information in a faster, more efficient way than say a 500 word blog post. Although the quality of your textual content […]