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Time On Page: Why It Is So Valuable For Your Content Strategy

There are two types of content created online. Viral type/hopeful content aims purely at increased visibility, but not necessarily brand awareness, through social media engagement. The second type of content that is thoroughly thought through, which aims at solving a problem or answering a question. When focusing on viral content, the time someone spends on […]

Why Visual Content Is More Powerful Now Than Ever

Both users and search engines love visual content. It is the fastest and most efficient way to captivate your audience’s attention and get them to share your message across various platforms. Visual content conveys information in a faster, more efficient way than say a 500 word blog post. Although the quality of your textual content […]

Most Common Website Mistakes Revealed By SEO Audits

An SEO audit is meant to examine your website thoroughly and determine the issues in it that may be affecting your rankings. With over 200 different ranking factors being used by search engines to access your site and determine how far it deserves to go on search result pages, it’s easy to overlook many issues […]

Long Tail Keywords For Dummies

Most SEO articles and tips focus solely on “keywords”. However, we will focus on long tail keywords which actually may have more opportunity to attract your target audience at a low cost. Long tail keywords are generally comprised of three or more words in order to make the search much more specific. Even though short […]

How To Read Google Analytics

As far as website data tracking tools goes, Google Analytics is about the best thing out there for marketers. Google Analytics offers near full data telling you how many visitors went through your site, how long they stayed on each page, where they went and where they came from. Reading a Google Analytics report can […]

What is the Google Spider And How Does It Work?

One of the basic terms in SEO and which you must have read by now is Google Spider. But what exactly is this and how does it actually work? Let us break down for you the gist of Google site indexing. What Is The Google Spider And What Does It Do For Your Site? Google […]

What are backlinks? Link Referral 101

In the Search Engine Optimization world, backlinks are your websites referrals: proof others vouch for your content and its quality. The more links appear on other sites quoting something from yours, the more value your website or page will have to users, Google and other search engines. Quality vs. Quantity As it tends to happen […]

Differences Between the Internet vs. World Wide Web (www)

They’re so intertwined with each other in our daily lives, it’s easy to think they’re the exact same thing, however, there are major differences between the Internet and the World Wide Web.   The Internet, a Network of Networks The first difference is that the Internet is a hardware infrastructure, that means a gigantic network […]