Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The Internet is a big place, and your private information can easily be compromised if you’re not careful. This is why we strongly advise the use of a virtual private network (VPN).

Virtual private networks consist of a group of computers or networks that allow for the creation of a secure connection to another network over the Internet. VPNs are extremely common among corporations and many businesses as a means of protecting sensitive data.



Look to the Right is excited to offer its own VPN service directly through our company-owned IP addresses. IP addresses are hard to acquire and come with numerous benefits, which we are proud to be able to offer exclusively to our clients.

So, what does having a dedicated IP address mean for your business?

Quality & Security

LTTR owns and controls the IP address(es), which means increased quality and security.

Why VPNs Should Matter to You and Your Business

Perhaps the most important takeaway from having a VPN is the fact that it secures your computer’s Internet connection and information that you are sending/receiving is encrypted.

We want the best for each of our clients, and we believe that our clients deserve a higher standard, which is why we do the leg work of purchasing IPs, maintaining networks and connectivity.

Grow Your Business Smarter & Safer with LTTR!

As an industry leader in Internet marketing, LTTR is also an autonomous system. This means we have more control over routing within our networks and are also able to easily and effectively exchange routing information with other networks. This, combined with our years of professional IT experience, will allow you to feel confident that your business is in competent hands.

Be smart, grow your business, and protect your reputation. Contact LTTR for assistance in setting up your VPN today.